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Default [solved] Extending Max # Of floors
Hey I'm trying to build a 4 level house but I have a basement and I raised the foundation so I'm guessing those might/must count as floors because I read that the max number is 5. I already tried setHighestAllowedLevel 16 but it's not letting me add a roof or anything ontop to close it off. Tips? Suggestions? Thanks so much in advance!
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from my understanding, anything under a foundation/deck is counted as one floor.

about the cheat, placing a dormer in the highest floor might help. then after the grid squares appear, you may undo that action.
adding that cheat to a certain CHEAT file (I think userstartup.cheat) might be another help.
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Adding a dormer totally worked thank you so much! :D
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I see you've marked this as solved, but I thought I'd add:

1) The cheat has to be entered in neighborhood view.
2) There can't be anything on the current highest allowed level before you enter the cheat. So, you may need to remove anything you've built on the top floor of your building before the cheat will work.
3) If you build a lot, it's best to put the cheat your userstartup. Just set it at a high number that you'd never actually use, and then you never have to worry about the issue and you can build as tall as you want...Well, within reason. There IS that pesky limit to the number of wall tiles that can be on a lot. Which I've actually run up against when I've used a ton of dummy levels.

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