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Default Wcif: Steffor Sept09 deco books [found, thank you]

I hope someone knows where I can find Steffor's deco books. It's the 2 green books tied with twine at the very top of this shelf.

Thank you :D
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Is this for 2 or 3? I have everything she released on her Tumblr from 2013 until she disappeared. Her downloads on TSR are all still there of course.

Where did she host her creations at that time do you know? Assuming that's 2009?

Florence converted a lot of Steffors stuff, maybe it could be found here? :
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I'm assuming it was converted to 3 as Camille converted the shelf. I have no way of knowing if she used the 2 or 3 version in her screenshot.
Here is Camille's website that shows this conversion - - I do have several of the items on that shelf so I was hoping those books where converted as well.
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(preview pic's here:,2457960535.jpg )

For finding OLD AF cc I can usually rely on them -- register for a free account ASAP.
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I can always count on you Murfee - Thank you!

You are the best cc finder in all the land!
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I'm not, really -- I just vividly and uncomfortably remember having hunted that mofo down once before. :P
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I just found your barn doors - Amazing! Wow!
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hi someone can reupload the books from september clutter by BYHSD please
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Originally Posted by KatyFernlily
I just found your barn doors - Amazing! Wow!

Thank you so much! I freaking love boho / bohemian -- the gaudier the better.

And here you go, Arwen!
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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hi, thank you so much <3
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