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#1 Old 14th Sep 2017 at 2:34 PM
#1. Create a new Neighborhood. Name it TownieVille.

#2. Create a Sim. Don't take too much time since the sim will end up in the bin after doing one task. Traits / Aspirations doesn't matter.

#3. Build a home and have the sim you created live in the home till they are able to become friends with one townie. Once they are friends, invite the townie to move in and have your sim that you created move out.

#4. Now the challenge begins. Choose your path; Marriage / Roommate / Worker.

Marriage: the townie chooses to marry a townie. +5pts (can only do this once) However each time their offspring marries a townie you get points and they can move out and start a new household for rotation to earn points or remain in house.

Roommate: the townie chooses to have up to three roommates +3pts per sim. In order for a townie to become a roommate they must be friends and do the "move in" interaction. (each townie should have a bedroom of their own) A roommate can only be replaced if they move out due to getting married and moving in with spouse, accidental death (you don't have a hand in it) and when they become seniors they move out to the senior home. You gain points again when a new roommate moves in. You control your roommates (which adds the difficulty) and if you choose to make a love match with a roommate + townie, have them marry and then move out together. They are now active in your play and you must take turns in rotation. Points are earned with this new household. So +10pts for their marriage, if they have roommates, etc.

Worker: the townie owns a community lot and hires townies to take on positions. +2pts per staff (cashier, stock, manager etc.) The townie must make enough to cover salary and must work in the store for 8 hours a day unless a manager is hired then only a short time every day to check in. Manager is only hired once all the basic positions are filled. Can only have one business. If staff quit due to being mistreated like no breaks and no ability to fill needs, the new hires don't gain you points.

Difficult : Do all three paths and continue the process with each new household. Have tons of babies for those wedding points! Make the business need tons of employees... (coffee / bar / chef / x4 cashiers... just make sure to have the moola to spend on them) and get those roommates romancing it up!

Easy : Pick only spouse or spouse and worker.

I feel that this challenge could have quite a few outcomes.
100 townies vs highest points = winner
100 townies vs fewest households = winner (each household is crammed until you just can't take it anymore or you concentrate on employees)
20 businesses vs highest points = winner

or just simply get to 100 townies. Pick your goal and let us know what you are trying to achieve.
#2 Old 27th Oct 2017 at 4:31 PM
i'll try to get 100 townies
Mad Poster
#3 Old 1st Jan 2018 at 6:29 PM
Interesting concept OP! Might try it at some point
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